Vendor Booth Registration

Vendor Booth Registration

OATH, Inc.

$ 0.00

The Vendor Booth Registration allows your small business or group to set up a booth during the day of the event.   As we are expecting approximately 500 people in attendance throughout the day, you'll certainly get LOTS of eyes and attention on your products or services !  We'll provide the space, you provide your tables, chairs, and any other gear you might need to setup a successful booth !  Payment for the booth consists of a Silent Auction item valued at no less than $50.

This package includes:

Appreciation announcement on the OATH Facebook page

* Appreciation announcement on the OATH Twitter page

* Appreciation announcement on the OATH Instagram page

** Once we receive your payment, we'll reach out to you to discuss your donated Silent Auction item.

*** As you know, Shopify charges OATH a set amount for each electronic transaction.  Please consider paying your bill via a check so that OATH may utilize all of your generous donation.  If you'd like to pay by check, please email Regina Bartels at to arrange Registration and check payment.