OATH Magnetic Bottle Openers

OATH, Inc.

$ 45.00

How about an AMAZING OATH Magnetic Bottle Opener ???   Hand crafted and made to order by an United States Active Duty Service Member, they measure 3.5” W x 10” H and ¾” thick.  The OATH, Inc. logo is laser etched in the lower portion on the front., and they are made using a combination of Walnut and Maple hardwoods.  The opener itself is Satin Nickel. The magnet is a Neodymium N48 magnet with a 66lb pull that catches the bottle cap when it falls after the bottle is opened.  This strong magnet will hold 45-50 bottle caps and is inlayed into the back of the bottle opener at the bottom.  There is a keyhole slot cut into the back at the top to make hanging the bottle opener quick and easy. They are finished with a durable lacquer finish.

Style/Pattern Options:

Solid Walnut, Solid Maple or any combination of these two.

Additional Options:

Smaller inlayed magnets in the corners on the back for attaching to the refrigerator or other metal surface is available for $2 more.