Fallen Hero Memorial --- Wooden Version

OATH, Inc.

$ 350.00

Any orders placed after SEP 9 will have to be shipped directly to the Sponsor as they will NOT be ready in time for the clay shoot !!!

New to this year's lineup is the wooden version of the Fallen Hero Memorial.  Crafted using stained red oak, this 24" x 24" x 3/4" wooden version comes in the shape of the Hero's home state and will serve as an item that you can easily hang on the wall of your home or office.  This Fallen Hero Memorial includes an OATH coin, a photo of the Hero, a small plaque showing the Hero's details, and the Hero's branch logo.  Where it's usually only through the television, radio or newspaper that we hear about the ultimate sacrifice these Heroes have made on our behalf, these memorials allow us to honor them in a manner that is very much deserved.

Anybody can sponsor a Fallen Hero Memorial.  We've seen church groups, small businesses, major corporations, American Legion groups, VFW Halls, other Veteran Support Groups, families and general members of the community all step up and sponsor these worthy Fallen Heroes.  The sponsorship fee for this Fallen Hero Memorial is $350 each.  If you'd like to sponsor more than one Hero, please ensure that your sponsorship fee includes $350 for each Hero sponsored (IE, the sponsorship fee for 4 Heroes would be $1,400).  

These Fallen Hero Memorials will be displayed the day of the 3rd Annual OATH Sporting Clays Tournament for all of attendees to see.  After the event, the Sponsors of these Fallen Hero Memorials are encouraged to take them home with them so they can proudly display them in their homes, offices or wherever they see fit.  In the end, the memory of the Heroes remain...and it's important to all of us that we never ever allow ourselves to forget the price that was placed upon the alter of freedom by these brave men and women.

Once we receive your payment, we'll reach out to you in order to get the Fallen Hero Memorial process started.  If you have a specific Hero that you'd like to honor, we'll collect the Hero's rank, full name, photo, hometown and various other pertinent details.  If you do not have a specific Hero you'd like to honor, we can very easily choose a Hero for you and ensure that your respective Fallen Hero Memorial is something of which you and the Hero's family can be very proud. 

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