Concert Stage Sponsorship Package

Concert Stage Sponsorship Package

OATH, Inc.

$ 5,000.00

What goes great with some GREAT TUNES ???     YOUR company logo in lights !!!   This Concert Stage Sponsorship Package includes:

Appreciation announcement on the OATH Facebook page

* Appreciation announcement on the OATH Twitter page

* Appreciation announcement on the OATH Instagram page

Appreciation announcement during the live music

* 4' x 8' banner displayed the day of the event

* Registration for three Shooting teams

* Tournament T-Shirts for all 12 Shooters

* Tournament Hats for all 12 Shooters (if applicable) 

* Tournament Lunches for all 12 Shooters

* Tournament Dinners for all 12 Shooters

** Once we receive your payment, we'll reach out to you in order to collect your company logo for the banner.

*** When you click the "Add to Cart" button, you will be taken to a follow on screen where you will see the "Add a note to your order" button.  Please press the "Add a note to your order" button and provide the shirt sizes for all 12 Shooters, the name and email addresses of your 3 Team Captains as well as your 3 Team Names. 

**** Photo used to describe the package is a virtual image, not the proposed stage set up.

***** As you know, Shopify charges OATH a set amount for each electronic transaction.  Please consider paying your bill via a check so that OATH may utilize all of your generous donation.  If you'd like to pay by check, please email Joshua Courtney at to arrange check payment.